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How to increase my visibility

Informations, Informations more informations about you

Your profile is the first thing your fans will see of you: isn’t it said that the first impression is often the best?

  • Reveal your information any way you like, tell why you have a profile on Swame and explain what kind of content you’re going to offer your fans!
  • Show yourself: profile pictures, cover photos, and your subscribers will know who you are!
  • If you have social networks, highlight them so that your fans follow you everywhere and all the time!

So that your subscribers have confidence in you, don’t hesitate to use the same nickname as on some of your social networks: identification will be much faster from your fans!

And one last secret: your nickname can make the difference and be displayed more easily on the Swame home page… It’s very simple: be precise, concise and neutral in your choice!

Edit my profile

Publish, share, spread the word!

The more up to date your information is, the more media you’ve shared, and the better your profile will be: from about ten published contents, things won’t be the same anymore.

However, remember to keep a certain balance: if you have to privilege your subscribers when you publish content, don’t forget to attract new fans thanks to a few public publications.

For your profile to be successful, we recommend that you use the following principle:

  • Maintain a certain visibility thanks to 25% of public media, which can be admired by all.
  • Reserve the remaining 75% for your subscribers only: your content will then be blurred, which will attract curiosity as a bonus!

Swame is also a network of partner sites that can be dedicated to you: your profile can then be seen by as many people as possible, which will considerably increase your subscribers!

To recap: a minimum of ten published medias, a principle of 75%/25% to be respected, and your profile will be shared on our partner sites!

The 2 « R »: Reactivity + Regularity

Via your Swame profile, your subscribers will be able to make specific requests: responsiveness must be your watchword!
Keep in mind that if you respond quickly, your fans will accept your offers much more naturally: the exchange with your subscribers must be the basis of your profile.
Another very important piece of advice: re-gu-la-ri-ty!

Increasing the number of your fans won’t happen in a flash: the more content you post, the more your followers will respond!
Also vary the type of media, between photos and videos: diversity will obviously be a strength for your Swame page, and will undoubtedly increase your number of subscribers.

Finally, we also offer you the possibility to boost your visibility thanks to our partner sites.

The best way to pamper your fans and conquer new ones will be to multiply your publications: with a sufficient number of subscribers, one post per day will easily allow you to keep your income level!

Confess your love to your subscribers

Play with your subscribers, listen to them and take their desires into account: make them wait, but not too much, to keep their attention!
For example, small personalized messages to them will have a beefy effect: warn them in advance of the release of new content, ask them for photos or videos in private…

Once again, responsiveness should be your strength: a small reply to your private messages will strengthen your fans’ desire to remain subscribed to your account.

Stay reasonable in your prices, or offer content in relation to the requested price: otherwise, you risk seeing your number of subscribers melt away.

Finally, try to understand the subscribers who decide to leave your profile: don’t hesitate to contact them to ask the reasons for their departure. Often, a small personalized message will quickly make them come back, because they will feel flattered by these little signs of attention!

Finally, do a little marketing, very simply: push users to follow your Swame page by writing a nice little comment under your own content.

Your social networks, a weapon to be used without moderation

Don’t be sneaky, and share Swame around you!

The more you make your profile known, the more your number of fans is likely to increase: to make yourself known, your personal social networks will also be a great help.

First of all, add the link to your Swame profile on the biographies of your social networks: obviously, curiosity will push your subscribers to discover a new facet of you!

How do you let your fans know that new content is online on your Swame page? Stories, of course!

Thanks to this story system on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, all your subscribers will know that you are active on Swame, but you can also convince others to join you!

Be creative and make full use of the possibilities offered by your social networks:

  • Share the link of your Swame page as much as possible, especially in the settings of your story
  • But also explain to your fans through a short video story what awaits them in terms of content on your Swame page!

You can count on our support

For the Swame team, your satisfaction is a priority: your expectations on this website are at the center of our reflections.
To ensure that the experience is perfect for you, we remain at your side at all times to answer any of your questions or to collect your opinions on the use of the website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your comments and ideas: we will of course take them into account to improve this website, which remains first and foremost yours.

Because yes, this project is also your project!

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